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Self-Neglect & Hoarding

“A wide range of behaviour neglecting to care for one’s personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding”.  Care Act (2014) statutory guidance (updated 2022) 

Do you know someone that could be self-neglecting?

Examples of self-neglect:

  • A refusal or inability to cater for basic needs, including personal hygiene and appropriate clothing
  • Not seeking assistance for medical issues
  • Not attending to living conditions – letting rubbish accumulate in the garden, or dirt to accumulate in the house
  • Excessive collecting of items and storing these items in the home, garage or sheds

Self-neglect can result from any mental or physical illness that has an effect on the person’s physical abilities, energy levels, attention, organisational skills or motivation.


Support is available

  • Speak to the person to see if they want help or support
  • With the their consent contact:
    • Their GP/District Nurse or other professionals that may be involved
    • The Local Fire Service for a safe and well visit on 0800 389 5525
    • Age UK on 01922 638825. One Walsall on 01922 619840 or Clouds End on 0121 680 5287 to find a local support organisation
    • You can find more information in our Self-Neglect and Hoarding Strategy & Toolkit

Other resources to download:

  • If you believe the adult has care and support needs and can’t protect themselves call the Adults Access team on 0300 555 2922