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Persons in Position of Trust (PiPoT)

What is a PiPoT?

Anyone can be in a ‘position of trust’: The Care Act (2014) defines People in Positions of Trust (PiPoT) as: “people who work in paid or unpaid capacity, including celebrities and people undertaking charitable duties with adults with care and support needs” see the Care and Support Statutory Guidance paragraphs 14.120 to 14.132.

Who is in a Position of Trust?

People are likely to have contact with adults with care and support needs as part of their employment or voluntary work, or as informal carers in their personal lives:

  • Where the role carries an expectation of trust
  • Where the person in trust can exercise authority, power or control over an adult

A person in a position of trust can be either a paid or unpaid, including family carers when working with, or supporting adults with care and support needs

Policies and Procedures

The Care Act 2014 requires Walsall Council, relevant partners and those providing care and support services to have clear policies in place for dealing with concerns or allegations against anyone working in a position of trust, or acting in a position of trust in their personal lives.

The West Midlands People in a Position of Trust and West Midlands Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures sets out the framework for which all organisations in Walsall should operate within.

Concerns or Allegations against a Person in a Position of Trust

Allegations against people in a position of trust may come in many forms.

  • Behaved in a way that has abused, or may have abused an adult or child.
  • Committed or is suspected of Committing a criminal offence.
  • Behaved towards an adult, or child, in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to adults with care and support needs.

The above is not an exhaustive list.

Concerns or allegations about a person in a position of trust should be discussed with a suitable senior manager with authority and independence to act.

Help When raising a Concern or Allegation

All concerns and allegations should be handled in line with the West Midlands PiPoT Framework and your own organisations’ guidance.

Working in partnership with your Human Resources Department (who will advise on any employment actions to take) and with other agencies is essential to ensure robust risk assessment and any subsequent decisions and actions to be taken.

All social care and health organisations should have a nominated lead to provide advice on and have oversight of cases involving concerns or allegations against people in a position of trust.

When should I refer to Walsall Council?

Walsall Council’s Adult Safeguarding Hub provide a dedicated PIPOT referral and advice service where organisations should inform of any concerns or allegations against staff involved with an adult with care and support needs, and where there is a risk due to abuse or neglect, or where the PiPoT’s behaviour or actions may cause risk / harm to adult(s) with care and support needs where the adult is resident in Walsall.

For PiPoT who meet the criteria, please complete the PiPoT Referral Form and email it to .

Please do not email individual officers and managers the referral form.

For more information about PIPOT please read the West Midlands Adult Position of Trust Framework found on the regional pages.