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Private Fostering

Are you living away from your parents/carers?

This is sometimes called Private fostering. Private fostering means all of these things apply to you:

  • I am under 16, or under 18 with a disability
  • The people/person I am living with is not a close relative (parent, step-parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent)
  • I have been living here for 28 days or more.

Private fostering doesn’t include when you’re being looked after by a registered foster carer, which has been organised through the Council.

Remember, if you are being cared for by someone else, they should be caring for you as if you were their own child. This means they should:

  • Give you regular meals
  • Make sure you have warm, clean clothes
  • Make sure you go to school/college
  • Take you to doctor/hospital if you feel unwell
  • Help you keep in touch with family
  • Help you follow religion and customs there are important to you.

We have produced a guide for young people. The electronic versions are below. This is a guide for young people who are living away from their parents/carers: