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Further Support for Parents and Carers

Free online course for parents

Written by psychologists, psychotherapists and NHS professionals, the course can be done on any PCs, MACs, iPads, laptop or smartphone, at a time and pace to suit family life.
There are 11 sessions each taking around 20 minutes. The main screen has optional audio voice-overs, and there are interactive activities, quizzes, video clips and practical hand-outs.

The course covers:

  • responding to how your teenager is feeling
  • how your teenager communicates
  • how your teenager develops
  • understanding your teenager’s behaviour
  • different styles of parenting
  • sleep, self-regulation and anger

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Mental health

Drug misuse

  • Drug facts 4 young people
  • Warning issued regarding the risks of using Nitrous Oxide : Whilst it has a number of legitimate uses such as medicinal sedation and as a propellant in whipped cream canisters the recreational use of nitrous oxide, usually inhaled from balloons, has become more popular amongst young people but is potentially life threatening.

Alcohol misuse


Sexual assault

Suicide prevention and support