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Meet Tina Cooper, the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) for Walsall. Tina will provide you with an overview of the role of the LADO, an understanding of the managing allegations process for staff working with children, legal context, threshold, referrals, clarify key roles and responsibilities and learning from serious case reviews.

The following recording is from the Walsall Event held 16 June 2002

Local and National Learning from the National Review of the deaths of Arthur Lapinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson.

If you suspect that a child or young person is being, or is at risk of being significantly harmed as a result of abuse or neglect, you must report this immediately.

To make a child protection referral, please send all information to the MASH using the Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF)

Watch the video below on how to complete the Multi-Agency Referral Form.

To find the MARF please go to

Please send your completed form to If you believe a child is in immediate danger call the police on 999

Exploitation is one of the Partnerships Key Priorities in Walsall.

Walsall Safeguarding Partnership co-ordinated an Exploitation Awareness Fortnight (7 – 18 March 2022).  This is a Local campaign coinciding with County Lines Awareness Week & National Exploitation Awareness Day on 18 March 2022.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of exploitation, how to spot signs of abuse, and to direct people to support resources and systems.

VRU : Overview of the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU)

The VRU will cover the public health approach, VRU offers in Walsall, training options available, VRU background and structure.

Hot Potato Session 1

The session will cover:

  • A safe place for professionals to speak about current or past work with other professionals, Helping each other out with tips and tricks!  Reflecting on practice.
  • A safe place to celebrate and share good practice. (Street teams; St Giles; XPRT etc.)
  • A safe place to look at trends around violence and exploitation that are Walsall specific.

Exploitation – A Walsall Perspective

Local issues, locations, and Gangs.  Understand what is happening in Walsall

Street Teams, Hope Project

A brief talk on the above project, what ages we work with, what support we offer, criteria for the project and how to refer.

Changing Lives, IRIS Project

The aim of the session is for others to gain more knowledge of the work we do and how we support women who are sex working or have been/at risk of being sexually exploited.

Hot Potato Session 2

The session will cover:

  • A safe place for professionals to speak about current or past work with other professionals, Helping each other out with tips and tricks! Reflecting on practice.
  • A safe place to celebrate and share good practice. (Street teams; St Giles; XPRT etc.)
  • A safe place to look at trends around violence and exploitation that are Walsall specific.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) – For Adults

Understanding of what SARC is, what they do and how people can access the service.

Exploitation Assessment and Missing Pathway

Exploitation Hub – Looking at referrals, process and decision making.

St Giles – County lines & Serious Youth Violence

Aiming to help raise awareness of County Lines and Serious Youth Violence, through lived experience.

West Midlands Police Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB) Multi-Agency Information Sharing Video. 

Aims of this Video:

* The effective identification, recording and sharing of information in relation to cases of exploitation is crucial to the successful disruption and prosecution of perpetrators.

* All professionals should continually gather record and share information with the appropriate authorities.

* The gathering of information can enable analysis that forms the basis of strong intelligence and can help inform investigations and disruption activity to keep children, young people and communities safe.

This Form can be found on Walsall Safeguarding Partnership Website:

For a Child or Young Person:

For an Adult :

Practice Reflection Learning Event: Injuries in Non-mobile babies and children


  • To have a clear understanding of medical opinion about injuries and bruising in non-mobile babies and children.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand medical terminology in relation to unexplained bruising and injuries
  • To understand the importance of multi-agency working when exploring injury and bruising in non-mobile babies and children
  • To have a better understanding of the ‘West Midlands Regional Procedures’ in relation to bruising in non-mobile babies.

In this Podcast, Kellyanne Perry, Interim Practice Improvement Lead for Walsall Safeguarding Partnership, speaks to Katie Storer-Young, Exploitation and Missing Team Manager, Jade Brown, Exploitation and Missing Coordinator and Jodie Berry, Assistant Team Manager for Turning Point Adolescent Support Hub.

Tune into this episode for more information on:

  • What is Child Exploitation?
  • What do the Exploitation and missing team do?
  • What interventions are available in Walsall to support Children and Young People?
  • What to do if you are concerned about a child or Young Person.

In the podcast you will hear making reference to Walsall Safeguarding Partnership Website and Street Teams.

The aim of this webinar is to:

  • Provide an overview of the principles of trauma informed practice and reflect on how you can implement these as part of your practice or organisation
  • Provide an overview of offer of support that is available in Walsall to pull on to help you to support children who have experienced trauma
  • Provide information on training available that will help you in developing a trauma informed approach as a practitioner or in your organisation

Panel members will include L30 (Restorative Practice provider), Education Psychologist, Heart of England NHS (developer of the evidence based parenting) and Early Help. The webinar is for all leaders and practitioners across organisations working with children and families in Walsall.

On 29th June 2020 Walsall Safeguarding Partnership held a Webinar on Exploitation.

The aim of the 2 hour webinar was to:

Provide a current overview of the issues around Exploitation both nationally and locally in light of Covid-19.

Provide an overview of offer of support that is available across different organisations and how to access these.

Have a live question and answer session.


Our guests for the webinar were from:

Helen Matthews and Andy Thompson – Street Teams

Imran Suddle and Jade Brown – Exploitation and Missing Team

Jamie Hobday and Lisa Mullen – West Midlands Police

Christine Jones – Walsall Health Care Trust

Michael Collyer – Walsall For All

Nicola Smith and Emma Harper – Adult Safeguarding

The webinar is aimed at all leaders and practitioners across organisations working with adults, children and their families.

West Midlands Anti Slavery Network, Public Health England, and the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Programme joined forces to deliver a series of webinars for Modern Slavery Awareness Week.

The webinars included an introduction to Modern Slavery and spotting the signs, wider criminality and vulnerability, links between homelessness and modern slavery, technology and cybercrime, and the importance of public sector colleagues making every contact count (MECC).

Watch the webinar videos below to learn more about Modern Slavery.

Modern Slavery Webinars Introduction

Modern Slavery Webinars Wider Criminality

Modern Slavery Webinars Homelessness

Modern Slavery Webinars Modern slavery and cybercrime

Modern Slavery Webinars Every contact counts

Walsall Safeguarding Webinar on Neglect 

On 22nd September 2020 Walsall Safeguarding Partnership held a Webinar on Neglect.

The aim of the 1 hour 30 mins webinar is to:

– Provide a current overview of the issues around Neglect both nationally and locally.

– Provide an overview of offer of support that is available across different organisations and how to access these.

– Have a live question and answer session.

Walsall Family Safeguarding Launch

This two hour launch will include the strategic context and practical experiences, so is suitable for front line staff and senior leaders alike.


•To set a positive tone for family safeguarding in Walsall Council

•To give a very high level overview of family safeguarding

•To include wider partners from front line and strategic backgrounds

Exploitation Assessment and Pathway Guidance

Exploitation is not a new concern; children and adults have been exploited in many forms for years. Professionals now have a much better understanding of what exploitation is and how it is a form of abuse. As our understanding of exploitation grows, so too does our ability to identify those most at risk within our communities, those who wish to exploit them and the disruption techniques we can use against this. In a broader sense, exploitation has, over the last few years, been categorised as sexual exploitation or criminal exploitation, predominantly of children. However, we recognise that exploitation is not an issue that stops impacting victims at the age of 18. As we grow our collective understanding, we can see that adults are also victims of exploitation.

The Exploitation Assessment should be completed as soon as you have concerns around exploitation. Timely information sharing is especially important. It allows multi-agency professionals to offer victims and families support as soon as is appropriate. It also allows agencies to collectively look at disrupting exploitation activity.

Watch the video below on how to complete the All-age Exploitation Assessment.

The assessment can be found here:

For a Child or Young Person:

For an Adult :

Our collaborative approach to the development of our transformation programme to improve our services to support the right children, at the right time for as long as needed, is even more important in the current climate of COVID19 and social distancing measures. The current coronavirus emergency has resulted in a number of significant changes to our daily lives, including the lives of children and young people and the way in which we are able to provide help and support.

We are expecting to see a change in the requests for help and support and as practitioners we may at times find it challenging to know where to go to ensure families can access the right help.   Following on from feedback from our successful webinars on Domestic Abuse and Trauma Informed Practice we are now planning a series of ‘meet and connect’ virtual events.

The aim of these ‘lite bite’ life events is to put the spotlight on an organisation or service that is delivering help and support to children, young people and families in Walsall.  The sessions will provide an opportunity to get a detailed insight in the offer of the organisation and how to access or signpost families to get their help and support. The session will also incorporate opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Parenting Team

Walsall Family Information Service (FIS) & School Ready

Keep In Touch (KIT) Summer Programme

Things to do Delivered to you Summer 2020

The Black Country Makerspace & Digital Innovation Practice

Street Teams

Black Country Women’s Aid



Walsall Housing Group

Health Visiting

Prince’s Trust

West Midlands Fire Service

Citizens Advice

Education Psychology Service

Aspire 4 you

CAMHS – Early Intervention

CAMHS – Moderate to severe mental health intervention

School Nursing Service

Walsall Safeguarding Partnership

NSPCC Look Say Sing Play


Do you know a child who is living with someone who is not their parent or close relative? We can provide specialist help and support to the carer and young person. Watch this Video for more information – Have a look at our Private Fostering eLearning for everything you need to know.

BAAF have produced a film “Somebody Else’s Child”: a guide to private fostering as a resource for agencies to use with the general public and with professionals to raise awareness of private fostering.